Sticky Promo

Sticky Promo Card

The primary purpose of the Sticky Card component is to ensure that the content it’s promoting remains a constant on the page -- always visible within the viewport no matter a user’s scroll position. Sticky Promo Cards can be used to promote a product and provide a CTA. While the card itself is both content and context agnostic, it should only be used strategically on pages where it will be most effective.

 class="mzp-c-sticky-promo mzp-t-product-firefox mzp-t-dark">
  <button class="mzp-c-sticky-promo-close"
  <h3 class="mzp-c-sticky-promo-title">Get the latest Firefox Browser.</h3>
  <a class="mzp-c-button mzp-t-product mzp-t-small" href="#">Download Now</a>
<button id="showSticky" class="mzp-c-button mzp-t-md"
 type="button">Show Sticky Promo</button>


  (function() {
    'use strict';
    var showStickyBtn = document.getElementById(
    showStickyBtn.addEventListener('click', Mzp, false);


  • The element is hidden by default and made visible by the function.
  • As a helper, you can set the sticky promo to automatically animate in once the page is loaded by adding mzp-js-show-on-load to the class list.
  • Use only one primary cta per card.
  • Use only one sticky promo card per page.
  • The copy on the card should be short and succinct, ideally no longer than 2 lines at display size in English.
  • Ensure that the sticky card placement receives maximum contrast to the background content that lies underneath (ex. If the sticky promo appears over a light colored background, use a dark sticky card by adding mzp-t-dark to the class list.)
  • Add one of these product theme classes to include a logo above the title:
    • mzp-t-product-firefox
    • mzp-t-product-beta
    • mzp-t-product-developer
    • mzp-t-product-nightly
  • A dark theme is also available using the theme class mzp-t-dark.