A Logo component displays a logo image in a range of sizes, with a standard bottom margin.

This component requires two SCSS files: one for the component itself and one for the particular product to display (to avoid loading unused styles for all the different products). You’ll need to include both in your compiled Sass/SCSS to display a logo.

Add the component class mzp-c-logo, the size class (eg: mzp-t-logo-md), and the product class (eg: mzp-t-product-firefox) to your markup. All three are necessary to display a logo.

Size classes:

  • mzp-t-logo-xs
  • mzp-t-logo-sm
  • mzp-t-logo-md
  • mzp-t-logo-lg
  • mzp-t-logo-xl

Product classes:

  • mzp-t-product-family
  • mzp-t-product-firefox
  • mzp-t-product-beta
  • mzp-t-product-developer
  • mzp-t-product-nightly
  • mzp-t-product-focus
  • mzp-t-product-lockwise
  • mzp-t-product-monitor
  • mzp-t-product-mozilla
  • mzp-t-product-vpn
  • mzp-t-product-pocket
  • mzp-t-product-relay

Logos are aligned with text by default (either left or right, depending on text direction). Some additional layout classes are available to center the logo on all viewports or only in small viewports.

Layout classes:

  • mzp-l-logo-center
  • mzp-l-logo-center-on-sm-md


This component uses CSS image replacement to display a background image in place of the element’s text content. If you use the logo as meaningful content like a title or heading, include the product name as accessible text. Leave the element empty if the logo is strictly decorative.

<div class="mzp-c-logo mzp-t-logo-md mzp-t-product-firefox"></div>