A block with a main column and one sidebar on either the left or right (this example uses mzp-l-sidebar-left). A single page should only have one main section and one sidebar.

The columns will stack in small viewports, form a 1/3-2/3 split in medium sized viewports, and a 1/4-3/4 split in wider viewports (limiting the width of the sidebar).

This layout template only sets up the basic columns. The main content column is quite wide in large viewports and can result in uncomfortably long lines of text. You may want to use other nested elements to limit line lengths.

Colored borders are for demonstration only. They are not part of the component styles.


  • Layout class mzp-l-sidebar-left or mzp-l-sidebar-right is required.
  • The layout is reversed in right to left (RTL) languages; e.g., a left sidebar will appear on the right.
  • The main content can be wrapped in any valid HTML element. We’re using main in this example but it could also be an article, section, div, etc.
  • The sidebar should usually be an aside element but you could use other elements.
  • The layout works regardless of source order, so arrange elements to suit the content. Some sidebar content is less important than the main and should come after it in source.
<div class="mzp-l-content mzp-has-sidebar mzp-l-sidebar-left">

    <main class="mzp-l-main">
        <p>Main content.</p>
        <p>The sidebar comes <strong>after</strong> the main section in the source order.</p>

    <aside class="mzp-l-sidebar">
        <p>Sidebar content.</p>


<!-- Inline styles are for demo purposes only. Prefer external stylesheet in production. -->
    .mzp-l-main {
        border: 4px solid slateblue;

    .mzp-l-sidebar {
        border: 4px solid lightseagreen;